Cheryl Ann Allen

And it’s more than just an able mimicking, it’s a veritable resurrection of the sensational Sophie!

Richard Z. Chesnoff

She broke taboos by publicly celebrating her body at a time when women were expected to be quiet and demure.

Ted Merwin

Audiences in Ian Finkel’s production were moved to vigorous applause and standing ovations for the performances of Ms. Allen, as she sang and narrated the tragic and driven personal journey of a star performer who lived for the affection given by her audience.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Sophie Tucker in Person is the ultimate tribute to a beloved, but almost forgotten performer. Written and directed by Ian Finkel, Ms.  Allen has Sophie down pat. From the moment she appears on stage (to wild applause for the initial illusion as a dead ringer for Ms. Tucker), Ms. Allen mimics Ms. Tuckers voice and mannerisms to perfection, transporting us to a bygone era when the mere mention of a love affair was taboo.

Elli, The King Of Broadway

Cheryl Ann Allen, in her show, Sophie Tucker in Person at Don’t Tell Mama, takes care to bring the spirit of the vaudeville era, on and off the stage, and reveal the tenaciousness of the iconic Sophie Tucker.

Elizabeth Ahlfors

I thought the show was absolutely marvelous. All the more powerful with your extraordinary pianist as the orchestra.  Man he SOITENLY has that full, take-no-prisoners style down pat.

Steve Ross

…Allen richly captured Tucker’s stentorian, heavily exhalatory delivery, sang with a better, more powerful voice than Sophie herself…

David Noh

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Robert Windeler

Bearing an uncanny physical resemblance to her zaftig and otherwise larger-than-life subject, Cheryl Ann Allen, in her current show at Don’t Tell Mama, nearly lives up to the title “Sophie Tucker in Person.” Not only does Allen look and dress the part, she sings like Tucker and has even nailed Sophie’s wheezy speaking voice. Written and directed by Ian Finkel (Allen’s husband), who is also credited with the orchestrations, this show is fashioned as a typical Tucker mid-career club or concert appearance, with spoken flashbacks to her early life in Ukraine, where she was born in 1884, and to Hartford, Connecticut, where she was raised—and flash-forwards to her mid-20th-century comeback (or resurrection) thanks to Ed Sullivan’s television variety show. Throughout, Allen never breaks from her Sophie character, even at her curtain call, and she frequently refers to her estimable and sole accompanist, pianist Joel Martin, as “Teddy.” (Ted Shapiro was [...]

Richard Z. Chesnoff

Richard Z. Chesnoff Veteran of more than 40 years of global news work Sophie Tucker's Alive & Well She was "The Last of the Red Hot Mammas" and the first to dare sing risque songs about the glories of independent women-hood: "I'm Living Alone and Like It" and "Ain't Women Wonderful." For more than 50 years the Great Sophie Tucker packed the theaters and clubs of Broadway, ruled the vaudeville stage from Los Angeles to Boston and brought them to their feet in London where she once even sang bawdy songs for The House of Windsor. She starred in Hollywood films, wowed a generation of World War II GIs, sold millions of recordings of her rich ragtime voiced tunes and remained a hit on both radio and TV almost till the day she died at 82 in 1966. Yet, ask anyone today who's much younger than 66, chances are they've [...]

Broadway World

Broadway World Cheryl Ann Allen will return to the stage with a new show entitled I'm A New Yorker written and directed by Ian Finkel. I'm A New Yorker will debut at Don't Tell Mama's (343 West 46th Street) on Wednesday, September 14 at 6:30. Tickets are $18 (plus a two drink minimum). For information and reservations visit Based on a true story, I'm A New Yorker chronicles the comic and tragic tale of a small town girl from Massachusetts who moves to New York City. Searching for the true meaning of what it is to be a New Yorker, she finds herself fascinated by the small things NY has to offer, such as the first time bliss of being introduced to a bagel with cream cheese and lox, ultimately she falls for and marries a charming, but certifiable nut-job. I'm A New Yorker features songs by Ian [...]